Answers to Test 3

1. Islam teaches Muslims to
    b. Fight until all people are Muslims, are enslaved to Muslims, or are dead. (Qur’an 8:39, 9:5 and many other verses–and numerous Hadiths.   World conquest in the Cause of Allah is the theme that runs throughout Islamic holy books. It is taught in mosques throughout the world.)

2. Which countries have the most Muslims? (List most, second-most.)
    a. Indonesia, Pakistan

3. Which group has suffered the most murders in the “Cause of Allah” since 2001?
    c. Muslims (Sunnis and Shiites murder one another as apostates.)

4. What two countries produce the most terrorist attacks in the “Cause of Allah?”
    c. Iran and Saudi Arabia (Ayatollah leaders in Iran, and wealthy citizens of Saudi Arabia–not necessarily those in government)

5. How many wives did Muhammad take?
    c. 11 (Some say 12)

6. About how many years did it take Spaniards and Portuguese to drive Muslims off the Iberian Peninsula after they had invaded and conquered it in AD 718?
    c. 800

7. Which Biblical prophet is not mentioned in the Qur’an?
    b. Ezekiel (The Qur’an mentions Abraham, Noah, Moses, John the Baptist, Jesus and others.)

8. What two rewards are not promised in Islamic paradise?
    c. Love, peace

9. Under Sharia Law, what is the penalty for adultery?
    c. Death by stoning

10. Open borders
    c. promote the spread of Islam