Stephen Blanton, a Christian, lived and worked with hundreds of Muslims, all of whom he liked and respected.  When terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Blanton did not believe the attackers could possibly be Muslim. Then, television news showed Muslims celebrating their “victory in the Cause of Allah,” and the leader’s last letter to his team of terrorists revealed that all of them were devout Muslims. Recalling his Muslim friends, Blanton knew he could not rest until he understood what motivated the 9/11 mass murderers. He has since worked tirelessly to learn the truth, spending more than 10,000 hours in research, analysis and verification. This website is one of the results.

 Blanton lived and worked in Asia and Europe for sixteen years. He earned a degree from the University of Maryland and held responsible positions in major corporations. He lives with his wife Elizabeth in northeastern Virginia; together they have four children, ten grandchildren and six great grandchildren.



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