what to do

Educate yourself and others about Islam’s threat to world peace and prosperity.

Study until you fully understand that Muslims are not Islam, and Islam is not Muslims (Muslims are people whom God loves, while Islam is an ideology of world domination similar to fascism and communism.) One of mankind’s greatest challenges is to understand that 95 percent of all Muslims are peaceful; they are willfully violating their sacred duty to establish Islam as the world’s dominant “religion” (Qur’an 8:39; 9:5). Freedom-loving societies should welcome these peaceful Muslim families with sincere kindness, respect and love.

Associating Islam with Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other religion deludes whole populations into believing that Islam is peaceful and charitable. Such comparisons threaten the safety and well-being of free people everywhere; Islam is comparable only to ideologies that seek world domination—like fascism and communism. Tens of thousands of madrassas (Islamic schools located throughout the world) are graduating an endless stream of Islamic fighters who will happily die trying to spread Islam in the “Cause of Allah.” Devoted Islamists are relentless and implacable in their quest to force every person everywhere to embrace Islam or submit to Islamic authority. They are masters of deceit — creating bogus charities to fund Islamic jihad and making treaties only when they need time to regroup, re-arm, and plan their next attack.

Without strong alliances, no single country can defeat Islamic terrorists hiding in secret locations and mingling with civilian populations throughout the world.

If nothing is done, Islamists may actually succeed in their quest for world domination. If current trends continue,

  • one-third of the world’s total population will be Muslim by the year 2050;
  • there will be more Muslims than adherents of any single faith group by 2070;
  • Muslim attacks, invasions and murders will not only continue but will increase dramatically.

The relatively small number of Muslims who wage violent jihad do so because they believe Allah commands them to fight until Islam prevails worldwide. Note that if just 3 percent of fighting age Muslim males makes an Islamic army of 10,800,000 soldiers who will fight until all people are Muslim, are enslaved by Muslims, or are dead (1.8 billion x 50% male x 40% fighting age x .03).

The war against Islamic jihad can and must be won. The ideology of Islam must be attacked honestly, competently and without apology.

Freedom-loving people must love peaceful Muslims while at the same time resisting the ideology that many of them hold dear, the ideology that drives Islamists to fight and terrorize.

This website teaches more about Islam than most westerners and many Muslims learn in a lifetime, but knowing is only the beginning. Action is required—and the time to act is now. Here’s how.

Demand the media report Muslim persecution and murder of Christians throughout the world, especially in Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and Syria. (A daily tally of those killed and critically injured based on international news reports is available online at https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/.

Join organizations that have proven themselves effective in combating the spread of Islam like Act! For America, 8thirty8, and The Voice of the Martyrs.

Become a voice for the voiceless as suggested by Bill Warner on his website, voices4voiceless.org.

Organize church missions of kindness and charity in Muslim communities.

Advocate family values. Broadcast the virtues of motherhood. Praise stay-at-home moms and dads.

Do all you can to help stop drug use, promiscuity, homosexuality and abortion.

Support Israel. Pray for peace in Jerusalem.

Educate family, friends and neighbors that Islam threatens the well-being of every free person; that the danger is real and that the time to act is now.


Demand accountability from government leaders. Ask your senators and congressmen specifically what they are doing to stop worldwide terrorist attacks. Educate them. National policies must be based on the reality that world conquest by Islamists cannot be stopped unless hundreds of millions of Muslims abandon Islam, and this will never happen unless leaders do something!

Get your government involved. Write your state and federal government representatives. Demand answers to the following questions:

Why does the US recognize Islam as a religion? Were communism and fascism ever considered religions? Why include Islam or any other group that seeks to overthrow host governments in the legal definition of religion?

Why does our government allow Islamic schools to teach hatred of kafirs and promote Islam’s ideology of world conquest?

Why provide places of worship for Muslims on our military bases? Allah teaches that no law, including the US Constitution, can supplant Islamic law.

Why are Muslims permitted to serve in law enforcement, military, intelligence, and government? Will they renounce Islam’s ideology of world domination?

Why is the US supporting state sponsors of terror like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran and Syria? Why give foreign aid to Islamists who are fighting to destroy us?

Why are we not permanently revoking the citizenship of Americans who support Islamic terrorist groups?

Why are our borders being kept open while terrorists are crossing unchallenged into our country?

Why is the US accepting Muslim immigrants with little or no screening?

Are Muslim teachers in public schools and universities being monitored to make sure they are not recruiting students for jihad or teaching hatred of non-Muslims?

Why hasn’t Congress passed legislation making Sharia Law illegal?

Why are Muslims granted security clearances? (Islam commands our destruction.)

Why are Muslims permitted to open sessions of congress with prayer? (They pray to a god that commands Muslims to convert, kill or enslave all of us.)

Why are building permits being approved for new mosques? Eighty percent of US mosques are controlled by Islamists who promote violent jihad against the United States.

Why aren’t mosques being monitored regularly?

Why are Muslims who are elected to Congress permitted to take their oath of office on the Qur’an? (The Qur’an commands Muslims to destroy non-Islamic governments.)

Why does Congress permit Islamic propaganda in textbooks used in public schools and universities?

Why permit Islamic holidays and other amenities for Muslims in schools and universities? By not acting, Congress is supporting the spread of Islamic supremacy throughout the US.

To survive Islamic jihad, free people everywhere must

  • Educate themselves on Islam’s world-conquering ideology and expose it in every country and neighborhood;
  • Learn Islam’s strategies and tactics to achieve world domination—and devise effective countermeasures.
  • Form military alliances to combat and defeat entrenched Islamic fighters.
  • Attack Islam’s ideology online, through the media, in mosques, in the military, in churches and in schools and universities. Expose every deception.
  • Continually find innovative ways to encourage Muslims to abandon Islam. Ask religious groups to help reach out, educate and welcome peaceful Muslims.
  • Provide outlets for Muslims who will publicly renounce Islam.

Pray that God will prevent Islamists from achieving their goal of world domination.