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DESCRIPTION: Know Islam, Love Muslims is a 238-page study written with insight and compassion for the Muslim world. It has been reviewed by Muslims, former Muslims, and Christian missionaries to Muslim countries. Its maps, charts and 287 references make it one of the most complete and compelling works on Islam. It was written over an eight-year period during 12,000 hours of research and analysis.

Main themes are: (1) Birth control and abortions are sending most non-Muslim populations into extinction, while high birth rates among Muslims has made Islam the world’s fastest growing ideology. (2) Nearly all Muslims strive to live peacefully with people of other faiths and raise their children in a safe and friendly environment. (3) Rather than confront their Muslim neighbors, free peoples should welcome them with love and respect.

BOOK REVIEWS: The Online Book Club grants Know Islam, Love Muslims its highest rating: 4 out of 4 stars. Other reviews: (Last names of the following reviewers are withheld for their personal safety:) Know Islam, Love Muslims is not a discriminatory or inflammatory book tainted with Mr. Blanton’s opinions. It is a book that serves to challenge a reader’s current understanding of Islam. In a time when being “politically correct” trumps “truth and transparency, Mr. Blanton is to be commended on his courageous stance in presenting the facts. Nice wake-up call Mr. Blanton.” (Dr. Michael S). “Extremely well documented and written; the facts slam into readers like bullets” (Carolyn R). A thought-provoking, I-never-knew-that experience. I heartily recommend this informative volume in its pursuit of truth about the Muslim religion” (Burton H).  “An interesting, informative read, indeed” (Thomas F).


Stephen Blanton was born in North Carolina, earned a degree at the University of Maryland and rose to the level of senior director in Fortune 500 corporations. He lived and worked with hundreds of Muslims in Indonesia. He has also lived and worked in Thailand, Germany and the UK as well as in the United States. He is a practicing Christian who studied Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism while living in places where these religions were prevalent. He is the author of “Know Islam, Love Muslims, The Way to Peace” and “The Heart of Islam.” He currently lives with his wife Elizabeth in northeastern Virginia.