Most asked about Islam:

Does Islam teach life after death?

ANSWER: Islam teaches that all people will spend an eternity in Paradise or Hell, depending on how well they treat Muslims and how well they obey the rules of Islam.

What is the nature of Islamic Paradise?

Only Muslim men may enter Paradise, where they will sit on thrones arranged in ranks and be attended by young boys serving delicious foods. There will be gardens beneath which pure waters flow. Muslim men will be entertained by beautiful virgins of like age for their eternal sexual pleasure. (The Qur’an is silent on the fate of females after death. No non-Muslims will enter Paradise; all non-Muslims will spend eternity being tormented in the “Lake of Fire.”)

Who are the true Muslims, the peaceful ones (95%), or the violent ones?

ANSWER: True Muslims are the ones who abide by the dictates of their faith. Islam holds that Islamic law is the Law of Allah, which must never be overruled by the laws of man, and Allah commands adherents of Islam to fight until Islam reigns supreme. (Qur’an 8:39; 9:5)

What factors contribute most to Islam’s phenomenal growth?

ANSWER: High birth rates and forced conversions account for more than 96 percent of Islam’s growth.

Can most Muslims read and understand their holiest book, the Qur’an?

ANSWER: More than 80 percent of Muslims reside in areas where Arabic, the language of Islam, is not spoken: Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Iran and Turkey. Muslims are discouraged from studying Islam in any language other than Arabic, so most don’t understand the Arabic words they recite every day as “prayers.” 

Why are Muslims persecuting Christians the world over?

ANSWER: Islam is anti-Christian at its very core. Islam explicitly denies Jesus is the Son of God and denies Jesus is divine. Islamists must fight until Islam supplants Christianity, which is by far the greatest threat to Islam (There are 2.2 billion Christians, and Christians are sending missionaries to Muslim lands. It is the sacred duty of Muslims to resist Christianity by any means.)

What is the real meaning of jihad?

ANSWER: The real meaning of jihad is to fight until Islam reigns supreme over all people.

Why do Muslims murder more Muslims than people of any other religion?

ANSWER: Islam gives Muslims the ability, authority and encouragement to judge others. Most Muslims reside in communities with other Muslims, where they judge one another’s compliance with Islamic rules and moral purity. Slackers are often accused of blasphemy or apostasy, for which the penalty is death. Sunni and Shiite Muslims have always viewed one another as apostates, and they have been slaughtering one another since the 7th century.