Islam demands conformance to countless rules for living. Most Muslims live their lives in fear that Allah will send them to hell for eternity for not following the rules well enough.

Islam teaches Muslims they are superior to non-Muslims intellectually, spiritually and physically, and that Allah has given them the authority and ability to judge others. Unfortunately for them, Muslims judge other Muslims as well as all non-Muslims; Sunnis and Shiites have been slaughtering one another since AD 656.

Core beliefs of Islam include that only Muslim men killed or wounded while fighting to spread Islam are guaranteed immediate entry into Islamic Paradise. Others must wait until Judgment Day for Allah to weigh their good and bad deeds toward other Muslims. Allah, in deciding whether to send a Muslim to Paradise or Hell, does not consider how Muslims treat infidels. Allah’s concern is that Muslims fight to spread Islam. Thus, many Muslims choose to fight.

All Muslims are expected to abide by the five pillars of Islam.

1. Profess the faith: “There is but one God, Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet.”

2. Recite “prayers” (verses from the Qur’an in Arabic) five times each day while facing Mecca.

3. Fast during Ramadan—an annual event commemorating the month during which Muslims believe Muhammad received the first Qur’anic revelations from Allah.

4. Give alms for Muslim orphans and Muslim poor.

5. Make a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

To maintain the integrity of the umma, Muslims are prohibited from assimilating into non-Muslim societies. (Umma means the world community of Muslims bound together by their Islamic beliefs.) 

Islam is a way of life. Muslims are told what to eat and drink, whom they may associate with, how they must recite Arabic phrases and perform Islamic rituals, how to enter a residence and how to sit on a toilet. Islam teaches that Allah keeps a record of every person’s words and deeds, and that their best chance of enjoying sensual pleasures in paradise for all eternity is to correctly perform Islamic rituals and obey Islamic rules. 

Muslims must recite passages in Arabic. They refer to their five-a-day recitations as “prayers” even though more than 80 percent of all Muslims do not understand Arabic. Some know the meaning of their recitations, but most just perform the rituals by rote. The English translation of the most frequent recitation is, “In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee (alone) we worship and Thee (alone) we ask for help. Show us the straight path. The path of those whom Thou hast favored [Muslims*]; Not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger [Jews] nor of those who go astray [Christians] (Qur’an 1:1-7).” A frequent addition to this prayer is, “Say: He is Allah, the One! Allah is He on Whom all depend. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him” (Qur’an 112:1-4).” Muslims who understand these recitations know they are

  • praising Allah and stating their dependence on him.
  • reminding themselves they are superior to non-Muslims.
  • asking Allah to keep them in the way of Islam.
  • asking Allah to help them reject Judaism.
  • asking Allah to help them reject Christianity.
  • denying that Jesus is God’s son.
  • denying the existence of the Holy Spirit.

Islam compels adherents to obey Islamic Law (Sharia), which contains rules for

  • murdering male captives, apostates, and blasphemers;
  • enslaving or ransoming captive females and children;
  • sharing the spoils of war;
  • handling slaves;
  • punishing murderers and thieves;
  • compelling females to dress modestly;
  • punishing women who disobey males in their families;
  • inheritance.

Fervent Muslims believe in strict obedience to Islamic Law detailed in the Qur’an and unmerciful punishment for those who disobey. Forbidden are murdering a Muslim, stealing from a Muslim or lying to a Muslim. Also forbidden are intoxication, gambling, lewdness, usury, adultery, fornication, false accusations and eating certain foods. Marriage to non-Muslims is permitted for men but denied for women. Every child must be raised Muslim. All Muslims must adhere to the tenets of Islam.

Muslim parents are expected to kill their children if they become too “westernized,” so that family “honor” can be maintained. Muslim men are expected to murder unfaithful wives. Daughters who become pregnant may also become victims of honor killing, even if raped by their fathers or brothers.

Islamic Law details specific punishments for each act of disobedience; flogging, cutting off a hand and/or a foot, paying retribution to the families of victims, or execution. If done in strict accordance to the Qur’an, executions are carried out by beheading, stoning, or crucifixion.


Grand Mufti of Jerusalem inspects Muslim division in Hitlers army. Common goal was to exterminate Jews.

True Muslims must fight for world domination. Since the purpose of Islam is to govern all nations and control all people, Muslims are most offended by infidel (secular) governments. Today jihad is being waged most fiercely in countries where Muslim majorities live under secular government rule—such as (currently) Egypt, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Turkey, Iraq, and Lebanon. Every democracy and republic stands in the way of the Islamic quest to dominate the world; therefore, western governments are prime targets for jihad. If every Muslim obeyed Allah’s commands, the world would be embroiled in never-ending massacres too horrible to imagine.

Muslim militants take full advantage of freedoms guaranteed in western countries. In mosques, they secretly preach hatred and terrorism and raise funds to finance their wars against humanity. As of January 2008, more than 80 percent of mosques in the United States were controlled by violent Islamic fundamentalists. (Spencer, Stealth Jihad; Emerson, American Jihad.) Experienced jihadists are quick to remind peaceable Muslims of Muhammad’s edict, “If anyone abandons his faith, kill him.” Muslims know they risk execution for apostasy if they refuse to fight when directed. They may choose to fight on the front lines or become a suicide bomber. They may donate personal time and money. They may deliver weapons or drive attackers to targets. In any case, able-bodied Muslim men are expected to support global jihad.They infiltrate local populations, who generally have no idea that their neighbors routinely support terrorists.

Islam’s leaders seldom fight, but rather they incite committed Muslims to fight—and sometimes refer to them as “useful idiots.” These same leaders encourage less devout Muslims to wage peaceful jihad with deceit, stealth and political savvy. Many naive westerners think Muslim fighters will stop attacking and killing if their demands are met. The truth is that nothing appeases Muslim fundamentalists unless it furthers the Cause of Allah; they will continue to fight until they achieve their goal of world domination.

For most Muslims, each country’s history began on the day Muslim warriors invaded and conquered it. For example, Muslim fighters did not conquer Jerusalem until AD 638—more than a thousand years after Jews occupied and governed all of Judah and Israel, including Jerusalem. Nevertheless, today’s Muslims claim they were the original inhabitants. And Islamic historians emphatically assert that Jews have no claim on Jerusalem—refusing to acknowledge that Jews have ruled over or resided in Israel since 1,400 BC. The most famous Jewish king, David, was crowned King of Israel in 1010 BC. Muhammad was not born until AD 570, and Islam was not founded until 610. Muhammad did not claim his famous “night journey” until 621; and Muslims did not claim ownership of Jerusalem until a hundred years later. Muhammad claimed he had a dream in which he was magically transported to the “farthest mosque” and then to Paradise for a visit with Allah, Jesus and the biblical prophets. Muslims now claim the mosque Muhammad said he dreamed about is located in Jerusalem. They base their claim to Jerusalem solely on Muhammad’s dream—and they try to justify their perpetual war against Israel by insisting the Israelis are occupiers of “Palestinian lands.”

Islamic states do not tolerate Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other religion. Muslim-majority countries suppress public worship by non-Muslims. Most prohibit the building, renovation, or expansion of churches or synagogues. They disallow any public display of religious symbols such as crosses and menorahs, and they forbid the ringing of bells. Non-Muslims are treated as the Qur’an commands: “so that they feel subdued.” Non-Muslim residents are heavily taxed and forced to publicly demonstrate their submissiveness to Muslim authority. Traditionally they were slapped in the face while kneeling to pay their jizya tax.

In an Islamic state, the only real threat to political power comes from its own people, and Islamic governments quickly and brutally squelch every activity deemed “un-Islamic.”

Since Jews don’t proselytize, Christianity is by far the greatest threat to Islam. Christians number more than 2.2 billion and send missionaries to every country. Christians are being tortured, killed or held for ransom in every Muslim-majority country. Islam is anti-Christian at its very core.

Muhammad had a long history of punishing those who offended him. He had poets murdered for writing critical verse. He beheaded Meccans who had years earlier refused to accept him as a prophet. He ordered a hand and sometimes also a foot of thieves to be cut off. These punishments are still in effect wherever Islamic Law is the law of the land.

Islam forbids Muslims to take prisoners of war, so Islamists murder, enslave or ransom captive men. Some executions are delayed until film crews arrive to record the event for recruitment and propaganda purposes. Islamists follow the example of Muhammad, who divvied up captive widows and young girls with his soldiers to be ransomed, sold, or used as sex slaves or servants. When his soldiers requested it, Muhammad granted permission for early withdrawal to avoid pregnancy—and thereby maintain the market value of their newly acquired young girls.

Islam gives captive Hindus, Buddhists and other pagans two choices; convert to Islam or face execution. This was a key factor in Islam’s early expansion.

Islam gives captive Jews and Christians three choices; convert to Islam, face execution, or die the slow death of a dhimmi slave. Historically, some chose execution and many converted to Islam. Most captive Jews and Christians accepted slave status and agreed to pay the humiliating and impoverishing “jizya” tax for the “privilege” of living in a Muslim land.

Muslims must share spoils of war. Fundamentalist adherents of Islam believe Allah has given them the earth’s land and wealth and it is their sacred duty to seize all of it. Fighters may not, however, keep all plunder acquired in war. Twenty percent must be given to the military commander, who is expected to use a portion of it to support orphans and the poor. “And know that out of all the booty that you may acquire (in war), a fifth share is assigned to Allah, and to the Messenger, and to near relatives, orphans, the needy, and the wayfarer…” (Qur’an 8:41).

Muslims who refuse to fight must be punished. In the Hadiths, Muhammad commands Muslims to kill Muslims who refuse to fight, and Allah promises to punish those who refuse to fight in the afterlife. Islamists have long used Qur’anic verses to threaten imams who are not yet teaching jihad or recruiting fighters. Saudi Arabian Wahhabi Muslims bribe moderate imams everywhere with cash and, when necessary, threaten them with violence if they refuse to support global jihad.

Females must be subjugated. The Qur’an commands females to “guard their modesty” and to “obey their husbands.” Over the centuries, Muslim men have twisted these passages to assert insane levels of control over females. Morality police roam the streets and beat females who violate modesty laws with sticks. Husbands demand unquestioned obedience; they deny wives and daughters an education; beat them on a whim; confine them to their homes; force girls as young as nine to marry older men; and, above all, make certain family females maintain their virginity until their wedding night. Muslim females must obey all males in their family who have reached puberty; mothers must obey their 12-year-old sons.

Muslim wives convicted of unfaithfulness must be stoned to death. To prevail in Sharia court, women who are raped must produce four male witnesses. A Muslim man may divorce any or all of his wives by simply saying the words “I divorce you” three times.

One of the most brutal practices of Islam went virtually unnoticed until Ayaan Hirsi Ali published Infidel and Nomad. She was born to Muslim parents in Somalia. Only through savvy and fierce determination was she able to escape the horrors of Islam. She knows first-hand the plight of young girls who suffer female genital mutilation (FGM). She estimates that millions of Muslim girls have had their clitoris and inner labia removed, often with kitchen knives, and the opening of their outer labia sewn together with ordinary needle and thread. In northern Africa more than 90 percent of Muslim girls are victims of this practice, which began with a single offhand comment by Muhammad, “Sexual partners must bathe after their ‘circumcised parts’ touch.” In December 2012 the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 67/146 to ban FGM worldwide. Two thirds of the General Assembly sponsored the resolution, including the entire African Group. The United States banned the practice in 1996 and strengthened the prohibition in January 2013 (US Code 8, USC 116). As of year’s end 2017, twenty-four states in the US had criminalized FGM. Devout Muslims still defend this insane practice by claiming that the female’s insatiable desires must be curtailed by making sex painful or at least unpleasant.

True Muslims must be hospitable to wayfarers and strangers. Islam holds that Muslims should treat wayfarers kindly, and Muslims throughout the world are known for their hospitality. Most welcome traveling Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


AL QAEDA RECRUITMENT METHODS (retrieved from Osama bin Laden’s computer after he was killed). 

“Emotions and enthusiasm are very important and should not be neglected. The response of the common people to the effects of the emotions is much greater than the effects of the rational arguments and scientific discussion.”

“As you all know, most common people are not familiar with scientific discussions and political analysis. They act according to their emotions. Even a photograph which is attached to an inspiring song will motivate a large number of them [for example, a photograph of] injured or poor people. This will cause merchants to give money for the sake of  Allah .”

Commentators note this strategy espoused by al Qaeda’s Chief Propagandist and Recruiter, al-Libi, was not new. Rather he copied the successful strategies of previous radical groups throughout history — both inside and outside Islam.

However, for the strategists of al-Qaeda, focusing on the common people wasn’t enough. They also recruited Muslims with criminal records and the outcasts of society, whom they viewed as easy and valuable targets and especially trainable as suicide bombers.

Disaffected youths were also a major target of al-Qaeda, as al-Libi relates,

“We saw lots of lost youths without faith, just living among the nation with dead hearts, with no goals as if they were not part of the nation. Some were sinning, some taking drugs, some sitting hours on the internet, some who didn’t respect Allah or their parents.”

“They stayed this way until Allah put the light of believe in their hearts. When they saw the face of a smiling martyr in a jihadi publication or they heard words of incitement or sat with the mujahis (jihadi warriors)…they come out from darkness to light, from death to life to become lions of the lions of Islam and heroes from the heroes of the nation.”