Muhammad, the founder of Islam, died in AD 632. Soon afterwards, in AD 624, his followers exploded out of Arabia to carry out the Islamic mandate to “fight until Islam prevails altogether and everywhere (Qur’an 8:39).

Below is a list of major Islamic attacks from that time to the present. When the Ottoman Empire was defeated by Allied Powers in 1918, Islamists were no longer powerful enough to expand Islam by conquering nations. However, Muslims everywhere still wage jihad to achieve a one world government headed by an Islamic Caliph and governed by Sharia Law.

There are eight well-defined forms of Islamic jihad:                                                         

  1. Procreation (four wives, each producing children)
  2. Media (political correctness; anti-Christian rhetoric)
  3. Education (revising history; re-writing widely used textbooks)
  4. Economic (oil embargos; mass destruction of property)
  5. Physical (mass murder and terrorism; migrations)
  6. Legal (predatory lawsuits; demands for Islamic “rights”)
  7. Humanitarian (charity for Muslims only; let non-Muslims starve as in Darfur)
  8. Political (subversion of government institutions)

Lands which Muslim fighters have conquered and rule with Islamic Law are in the House of Islam: currently Iran, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. The House of War is every land where Muslims do not yet rule—and where Islamists will fight until they prevail no matter how long it takes.

Muslims who adhere to Qur’anic doctrine force everyone under their control to practice the tenets of Islam and submit to Muslim authority.

Today, high birth rates account for 96 percent of Islam’s growth, and forced conversions account for an additional 3 percent. The Muslim birth rate is 3.1 children per female of child-bearing age, compared to 1.7 for non-Muslim females — and Muslim men may keep up to four wives at a time. While Muslim populations are exploding, birth control and abortion in western countries are driving non-Muslim populations into extinction.

From 2001 to 2019, Islamic terrorists carried out more than 35,000 deadly attacks that killed more than 1000,000 innocent and unsuspecting civilians ( ). Between the founding of Islam in 610 and 2006, Islamists murdered more than 270 million non-Muslims. (Bill Warner: The Islamic Trilogy, 2006)

If current population trends continue, Islamic jihadists will achieve their goal of world domination without having to conquer even one more country or murder even one more infidel.

Islamic nations spend a great deal of wealth to convince the world that Islam is a peaceful religion. They expertly use the Internet, newspapers, magazines, films, documentaries, radio, television, and nonprofit organizations to spread their propaganda.

 Islamic attacks have but one purpose—world conquest as commanded by Allah.  Muslim attacks, migrations, invasions and conquests began shortly after the founding of Islam. Only after the last Muslim Empire (Ottoman) was defeated in WWI in 1918 did Islamists lose the power to conquer whole nations. Since then, Islamists have been conquering one house at a time, one acre of land at a time, one village at a time, one migration at a time and one terrorist attack at a time. Each committed Muslim wages jihad as if he is sent by Allah to convert, enslave or kill all infidels.

 (Present-day country names are used throughout.)

624 Muslim fighters from Medina attacked and plundered a Meccan caravan, directed by Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah.

624–632 Muslim fighters conquered the Arabian Peninsula, led by Muhammad and other Muslim commanders.

632–640 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Syria, planned by Muhammad, led by Muawiyah.

632–644 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Armenia, led by Rahman.

637 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Persia, led by Khalid ibn al-Wallid.

638 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Jerusalem, led by Umar.

639–642 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Egypt, led by Amr.

642–870 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Afghanistan, led by Abdul Rehman ibn Samrah and others.

645–735 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Tbilisi and much of Georgia, led by Marwan II.

647–709 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered North Africa, led by Sa’ad, Nafi, and Nusair.

650 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Cappadocia (central Turkey), led by Muawiyah.

652–827 (175 years) Muslim fighters attacked and pillaged Sicily numerous times (eventually driven out).

662–709 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan), led by Qutaibah bin Muslim.

664–712 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Pakistan, led by Al Muhallab ibn Abi Suffrah.

700–1606 (906 years) Muslim fighters migrated into and gradually dominated Sudan and southern Egypt through persecution of non-Muslims, intermarriage, and high birth rates.

711–750 Muslim Umayyad and Abbasid armies invaded and conquered the Caucasus.

718 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, and Andorra, led by Tariq ibn Ziyad; they began preparations to attack the rest of Europe from the west, through Paris.

718 Spanish and Portuguese began the fight to reconquer their homeland from Muslim invaders (the Reconquista).

732 Franks, led by Charles Martel, halted the Muslim advance on Paris in the battle of Poitiers/Tours.

827–902 (seventy-five years) Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Sicily after numerous attacks.

831–902 (seventy-one years) Muslim fighters attacked cities in southern Italy (Amalfi, Gaeta, Naples, and Salerno) from the sea numerous times, murdering and pillaging during each raid.

846 Muslim fighters invaded Italy and plundered St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome.

846–1830 (984 years) Muslim fighters known as the Barbary Pirates attacked ships from as far away as Iceland and the United States. They seized ships and cargoes and sold the crews into slavery in North Africa.

982 Muslim fighters defeated the German army and its allies in the battle of Stilo in Sicily.

1056 Muslim fighters expelled 300 Christians from Jerusalem and forbade further visits to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

1071–1091 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Turkey.

1091–1099 Christians halted the Muslim advance on Vienna, then fought one of the nine Crusades to prevent Islamists from conquering all of Europe, and to allow Christian pilgrims back into the Holy Land. (Modern-day Islamic propagandists have convinced most of the world that all Crusades were unprovoked attacks by Christians on Muslims.)

1192 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Delhi, led by Muhammad of Gaur.

1299–1453 (154 years) Muslim fighters attacked and defeated the Byzantine Empire. The first battle was in Turkey and was led by Osman I.

1332–1853 (521 years) Muslim fighters (Ottoman Turks) waged war against Albanians.

1380–1389 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Serbia and Bosnia.

1380–1521 (141 years) Muslim fighters invaded and occupied southern Philippines.

1423–1503 (eighty years) Muslim fighters (Ottoman Turks) invaded and conquered the Republic of Venice.

1439–1526 (eighty-seven years) Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Hungary.

1441–1491 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered the Indonesian Archipelago.

1444 Muslim fighters (Ottoman Turks) attacked Poland at the battle of Varna, sustained heavy losses, and withdrew to reconsider their advance on central Europe.

1444–1853 (409 years) Muslim fighters attacked Greece again and again but failed to conquer it.

1453 After a siege, Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Constantinople, led by Mehmed II.

1453–1683 (230 years) Muslim fighters invaded and conquered the Balkans.

1478 Muslim fighters attacked and occupied Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. For the next 400 years Islam spread through intermarriages, assimilation and forced conversions.

1496 Spanish and Portuguese expelled Muslim invaders from the Iberian Peninsula after nearly 800 years of war and bloodshed.

1500–1683 (183 years) Muslim Ottoman Turks waged jihad against Austria and Hungary.

1522 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered the island of Rhodes.

1683 The Ottomans laid siege to the city of Vienna and attacked with army of 140,000. The city was defended by a Christian Coalition led by John III Sobieski of Poland. The Muslims suffered 15,000 dead and 5,000 captured. The Christians held and began their quest to re-gain control over Europe. 

1683–1918 (235 years) Decline and dissolution of Ottoman Empire: When it was unable to conquer more territory and steal more wealth to finance its wars, the Ottoman Empire went into a period of gradual decline. It faced dissension, nationalism, and outright rebellion in most of its conquered territories. Muslim fighters continued their attacks, however, until the Allies defeated the Ottomans in WWI.

1795 Muslim fighters invaded and pillaged Tbilisi, led by Agha Muhammad.

1798 French army defeated invading Muslims at the Battle of Pyramids in Egypt.

1860–1865 Muslim fighters massacred 10,000 Christians in Lebanon.

1894–1916 Islamists from the crumbling Ottoman Empire again waged war against Armenians, murdering 1.5 million of them. They pillaged and razed 568 Christian churches and converted 282 of them into mosques. They tortured and murdered twenty-one Protestant Preachers and 170 Gregorian Priests for refusing to convert to Islam. (These are the documented cases.)

1914–1918 The Ottoman Empire sided with the Central Powers in WWI, which ended in victory for the Allies. In the aftermath, the Empire was partitioned and placed under temporary rule of Britain and France by League of Nations mandates.

1948 British mandate to rule Palestine expired, Jews declared Israel a Jewish State, and Muslim fighters immediately began waging war against Israel.

Circa 1950 WWI mandates expired and Islamic nations around the world resumed their wars of conquest.

1967 Muslim armies attacked Israel. Israel counterattacked, won the Six-Day War, and extended its borders.

1973 Egyptian and Syrian Muslim fighters attacked Israel; Israel prevailed.

1974 Muslim fighters slaughtered more than 1,000 Christians in Cyprus.

1996 Muslim Osama bin Laden publicly declared holy war on the United States and the UK.

1998 Islamic leaders from Egypt, Pakistan, and Bangladesh publicly declared holy war on Israel and the United States.

1998 Muslim fighters suicide-bombed US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing 214 and wounding more than 5,000.

2000 Muslim fighters bombed the USS Cole, an American naval vessel refueling in Yemen, killing seventeen sailors and wounding thirty-nine.

2001 Muslim fighters flew hijacked passenger planes into the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon near Washington, DC, killing 3,017 and wounding 6,291.


2001 Muslim fighters hijacked an American airliner at Newark Airport and crashed it into a field in Pennsylvania, killing all forty on board.

2002 Muslim fighters bombed a tourist resort in Bali, Indonesia, killing 202 and wounding 209.

2003 Muslim fighters bombed two synagogues in Istanbul, killing fifty-seven and wounding 700.

2004 Muslim fighters bombed trains in Madrid, Spain, killing 191 and wounding 1,800.

2004 Muslim fighters took 1,100 hostages at a school in North Ossetia, Russia, resulting in the deaths of more than 300, including 186 children.

2005 Muslim suicide bombers murdered 52 and wounded 700 in subway stations and buses in London, UK.

2006 Muslim fighters invaded and conquered Mogadishu, Somalia.

2006 Somali pirates began hijacking ships on the high seas and holding crews for ransom. Pirating has continued through 2017, and there is no expectation it will stop anytime soon.

2008 Muslim fighters attacked a tourist hotel in Mumbai, India, killing 173 and wounding 308.

2009 Muslim fighters expelled all relief agencies from the Darfur region of Sudan—with the intent of starving one million non-Muslims to death.

2010 Islamists announced plans to build a victory monument near “ground zero” in New York City to celebrate the killing of 3,000 infidel Americans on 9/11/2001.

2011 Muslim fighters burned 50 churches and murdered 461 Christians in Nigeria.

2001-2013 Muslim fighters murdered 3,267 Christians and wounded another 4,323 Christians in Nigeria.

2013 Muslim fighters murdered 203 Buddhists and injured 235 in Thailand.

2013 Muslim fighters murdered 450 Kurds in Syria.

2013 Muslim fighters murdered 2,028 and wounded 3,665 Muslims in Pakistan (Sunni versus Shi’ite conflicts, honor killings, and political violence).

2013 Muslim fighters murdered 1,301 and wounded 452 in Nigeria, most of them Christians.

2013 Muslim fighters murdered 151 and critically wounded 1,246 in Lebanon (Sunni vs. Shi’ite violence).

2013 Muslim fighters murdered 4,578 and wounded 10,937 in Iraq (Sunni vs. Shi’ite violence and persecution of Christians).

2014 The Islamic State moved into Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula after receiving a pledge of allegiance from militant group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis.

2014 January-February: Muslim fighters in Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan murdered 134 civilians and injured 257 in cinemas, restaurants, schools, busses, taxis, markets and hotels.

2014 April: Muslim fighters kidnapped 276 girls, age 14-18 from their dormitories in Chibouk, Nigeria and sold a number of them in slave and sex markets for as little as $13.50 each.

2014 June: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared himself Caliph over Muslims worldwide and established the Islamic State. By November 2015 his armies had conquered much of Syria and Iraq; invaded Libya, Yemen and the Sinai Peninsula; and had attacked cities in Lebanon, France and Mali. Untold numbers were tortured and murdered; millions of refugees have fled to other countries.

2015 November: The Islamic State attacked a concert, a soccer game and a restaurant in Paris, France, killing 130 innocent civilians.

2015 December: A Muslim married couple of Pakistani descent murdered 14 and seriously injured 22 who were attending a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California.

2015 Boko Haram Muslims slaughtered more than 2,300 Christians in Nigeria in one year.

2015-2017 A coalition of seventy-three countries drove the Islamic State out of Iraq and Syria. Raqqa, the IS capital, fell in October 2017.

2016 Boko Haram Muslim terrorists continued their slaughter of Christians in Nigeria and began using women and children as suicide bombers.

2016 March Muslim fighters killed 78 Christians and injured 362 others while they were attending Easter worship services.

2016 March Muslim fighters attacked Brussels International Airport and the Maelbeek Metro Station in central Brussels, killing 31 and wounding at least 230.

2016 April A Muslim terrorist rammed a truck into crowds in Nice, France, killing 86 and injuring 202.

2016 June Muslim terrorists set off bombs at Istanbul airport, killing 44 and injuring 239.

2016 June A Muslim terrorist murdered 49 and injured 53 at an Orlando, Florida night club.

2016 November Muslim terrorists slaughtered 52 and injured 105 at a Sufi Shrine in Pakistan.

2017 February Muslim terrorists slaughtered 88 and injured 250 at a Sufi Shrine in Pakistan.

2017 May A Muslim terrorist set off a bomb at a concert in Manchester, England, killing 22 and injuring 119.

2017 August A Muslim terrorist rammed a van into a crowd in Barcelona, killing 14 and injuring 130.

2017 October A ‘radicalized’ Muslim rammed a truck into civilians on a bike path in New York, killing eight and injuring twelve.
2018 January Gunmen yelling ‘Allah’ open fire on Christians returning from a Church service in Nigeria, killing seventeen and raping nine women.
2018 January Two Muslim suicide bombers murdered 38 and injured 105 in a crowded market in Bagdad.
2018 January Twelve Muslim Fedayeen staged a suicide assault on a luxury hotel in Kabul, killing 40 innocent guests.
2018 February A Muslim suicide bomber detonated explosives in an ambulance parked at a Kabul hospital, killing 103 and injuring 235.
2018 March A Muslim suicide bomber killed 33 and injured 66 attending a Zoroastrian religious festival in Kabul.
2018 March Sunni terrorists fired rockets into a busy market in Damascus, Syria, blowing 40 innocents to bits.
2018 April A Muslim suicide bomber murdered 69 at a Kabul voter registration center.
2018 May Muslim militia threw grenades and shot automatic rifles into a church in the Central African Republic, killing 16, including the pastor, and injuring 96.
2018 May A teenage Muslim suicide bomber killed 86 and injured 58 worshipers at a Mosque in Nigeria.
2018 June A Muslim suicide bomber murdered 14 moderate clerics and injured 17 others in Kabul.
2018 June Two Islamist suicide bombers lobbed grenades into a World Cup screening in Nigeria, killing 43 and injuring 18.
2018 July Miyetti Allah slaughtered hundreds of Nigerian farming families in Taraba, including 42 women and children.
2018 July Miyetti Allah massacred 50 villagers in Adamawa, Nigeria.
2018 July A suicide bomber murdered 20 and injured 62 at a secular political rally in Peshawar, Pakistan.
2018 July A suicide bomber blew to bits 150 and injured 186 at a political rally in Mastung, Pakistan.
2018 July A Fedayeen suicide bomber killed 23 and injured 107 at an airport in Kabul.
2018 July A wave of ISIS suicide attacks killed 246 and injured 200 in Sweida, Syria.
2018 August Boko Haram overran a local security base and massacred 48 personnel in Zari, Nigeria.
2018 August Muslim suicide bombers and gunmen attacked a Shiite mosque in Paktia, Afghanistan, killing 48 and injuring 80.
2018 August A Muslim mob killed 29 Christian worshippers and six priests in Ethiopia.
2018 August A Muslim suicide bomber killed 40 Shiites and injured 67 in private school classrooms in Kabul.
2018 September A Muslim suicide bomber killed 68 and critically injured 165 in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
2018 September Sunni Muslim terrorists fired rockets on a Christian neighborhood in Mouhardeh, Syria, killing ten including two girls.
2018 October Muslims armed with machetes butchered 42 Christians, mainly women, in the Central African Republic.
2018 October Boko Haram murdered eight and injured eleven in an attack on a fishing village in Chad.
2018 October Mandera Muslims hurled a bomb into a school in Kenya, killing two teachers.
2018 October A Palestinian terrorist murdered two young parents of small children in cold blood, in Samaria, Israel.
2018 November Islamic Group Boko Haram attacked Nigerian army, killing 118 soldiers; 50 missing in action.
2018 November Iran began supplying laser-guided anti-tank missiles to Muslim terrorists in Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Gaza (Hamas), greatly increasing the likelihood of all-out war with Israel.

2019 March  A pastor and his wife were among 46 villagers massacred by Muslim Fulani terrorists in Angurwan Gamu, Nigeria.

2019 April On Easter Sunday, 8 Muslim suicide bombers killed 250 and injured 800 at Christian churches and hotels in Sri Lanka.

Muslim fighters wage jihad against all secular governments. They send fighters wherever and whenever their leaders see an opportunity to gain more territory.

Since it was driven out of Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State has used social media and encrypted email networks to plan and direct terrorist attacks throughout the world.

There were no known Muslims in the western hemisphere until the nineteenth century, but they are currently waging jihad in all of them.

Muslim-majority groups secretly practice Sharia Law wherever they congregate.

When Muslim groups become powerful enough to elect an Islamic government, they declare all religions unlawful except Islam. Then, Islamic overseers begin jailing and torturing proselytizers, especially Christians, until none but Muslims remain.

Islamic terrorist attacks will continue until Islam’s goal of world domination becomes common knowledge, entrenched jihadists are defeated, and Muslims abandon Islam by the hundreds of millions.