Answers to Test 4

1. What is the goal of Islam?
    b. World domination

2. About what percentage of the world’s Muslims cannot read or understand Arabic, the language of their holy book?
    a. 80% (Arabic is not the language of the 8 most populous Muslim countries: Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt, Iran or Turkey.)

3. In Iran, what is the penalty for homosexuality?
    b. Death by hanging (usually by a crane and hoisted high so the hung body can be seen by many)

4. At puberty, removal of clitoris and inner labia is performed on more than 80% of females in which of the following Muslim countries?
    a. Somalia, Uganda, Kenya

5. In which of the following countries is amputating the hands of thieves most often carried out?
    c. Saudi Arabia

6. How old was Muhammad’s youngest wife when the marriage was consummated?
    b. 9 (Muhammad betrothed Aisha when she was 6 years of age.)

7. Currently, Muslims make up what percentage of the world’s total population?
    c. 25%

8. In what year did Osama bin Laden and leaders from Egypt, Bangladesh and Pakistan declare war on the United States?
    a. 1998 (The declaration of war was first published in an Arab Newspaper in the UK, and has not been withdrawn.)

9. What Muslim Brotherhood organization is currently active on 500 university campuses in the United States?
    b. The Muslim Student’s Association (MSA)

10. Wealthy citizens from which three countries donate the most money to Islamic terrorists?
      a. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirites (UAE)

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