Test 1 Answers

1. Arrange Islam, Judaism, and Christianity in order of founding from earliest to latest.

    d. Judaism (2000 BC), Christianity (AD 33), Islam (AD 610)

2. Under Sharia (Islamic) law, what is the penalty for Muslims who abandon Islam?

    a. Death (Apostates are routinely executed in Muslim-majority countries.)

3. Approximately how many deadly terrorist attacks have been committed by devout followers of Islam in the ‘Cause of Allah’ since September 11,   2001? d. 33,000 (Hard to believe? Do the math. For example, if only 1 percent of fighting age male Muslims choose to fight as commanded by Allah, then the Army of Islam numbers 1.8 billion x 50% male x 40% fighting age x .01 = 3,600,000 soldiers. Sixteen years passed between 2001 and     2017, so there was only one attack per year for every 1,745 Muslim jihadists (33,000 / 16 = 2,063 terrorist attacks each year; 3,600,000 / 2063 = 1 attack per year for every 1,745 Muslim jihadists. Visit https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ for the latest tally.)

4. What two factors account for nearly all of Islam’s phenomenal growth?

    d. High birth rate, forced conversions

5. The concept that Allah and the God of Christians and Jews are one and the same is

     b. From a theological aspect, impossible.

6. Under what circumstances can Sharia Law coexist with democracy?

    b. None (Muslims must place Islamic Law (Sharia) above every other law. For them, Allah is more powerful than man.)

7. In the Islamic world, who are the “People of the Book?”

     a. Christians and Jews

8. Which country controls the governments of Syria and Iraq?

    b. Iran

9. Under Islamic Law, what is the penalty for stealing?

    b. Amputation of hand

10. In what year did Islamic militants make their first attack on the world?

    d. AD 624 (Muhammad commanded his followers to capture and plunder a Meccan caravan.)

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