Compare Islam to other religions.

The 1.1 billion Hindus believe in Brahman, dharma, and karma. Hindus may perform impressive physical feats to demonstrate inner strength, harming no one. Hindu extremists are called Gurus.

The  500 thousand Buddhists promote harmony with others and with nature. Many practice insight meditation, perform social services and do charitable deeds for those in need.  Buddhist extremists are called Monks.

The 14 million Jews believe in obedience to the laws of Moses (the Torah), including God’s ten commandments. They worship in synagogues and focus on raising their families in peace. Jewish extremists are called Hasidics.

The 2.3 billion Christians follow the teachings of Jesus, do charitable deeds, and tell others about Jesus. Christian extremists are called Evangelists.

A small percentage of Muslims carry out Islam’s sacred duty to fight until Islam is the dominant religion (Qur’an 8:39; 9:5).  However, if just 3% of fighting age Muslim males choose to fight, then the army of Islam numbers 10,800,000 (1.8 billion x 1/2 male x 40% between ages 14 and 40 x .03). Muslim extremists fight to spread Islam; they are called Islamic terrorists.