Nearly all the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims strive to live peacefully with their neighbors. They do not support Islamic jihad and could rightly be called Muslims in name only. However, all Muslims who live in an Islamic society must at least appear to comply with its norms or risk being persecuted for blasphemy or apostasy. Freedom-loving societies should welcome these peaceful Muslim families, befriend them and yes, love them.

On the other hand, a small percentage of Muslims, the Islamists, carry out their sacred duty to establish Islam as the world’s dominant religion (Qur’an 8:39; 9:5). Their fight for Islamic supremacy began in the 7th century and continues today.



Peaceful Muslims learn the required rituals and the idealized version of Islam that characterizes Islam’s founder and prophet, Muhammad, as being pure, generous, kind and compassionate. Islam demands conformity, and many of these peaceful Muslims pretend to comply with its norms or risk execution. This very real risk prevents peaceful Muslims from publicly criticizing violent acts committed by their Islamist brothers in the faith.

Phenomenal growth

High birth rates account for 96 percent of Islam’s growth. Muslim men may keep four wives at a time. The Muslim birth rate is 3.1 children per female of child-bearing age, compared to 1.7 for non-Muslim females. While Muslim populations are exploding, birth control and abortion in western countries are driving non-Muslim populations into extinction. 

Islamist soldiers give captive non-Muslim men three choices: convert to Islam, pay the impoverishing jizya tax, or die. Captive females are forced into slavery and captive children are forced to become Muslims.


Islamists are taught from an early age they are superior to non-Muslims morally, intellectually, and physically. Their five-a-day prayers petition Allah to keep them on the straight path (Islam) and not the path of those who angered Allah (Jews) or the path of those who have gone astray (Christians). Their sole purpose in life is to spread Islam by any means and for as long as it takes.

Islamists have infiltrated nearly every western government. Muslim police, professors, mayors, and judges are becoming commonplace.


Religious-looking rituals of prayer and pilgrimage conceal Islam’s fight for world conquest. When Islam is questioned, Muslim leaders loudly and publicly claim their freedom of religion has been violated, and this clever deception is all that’s needed to mask their true mission. Already, in most western countries, criticism of Islam is deemed “hate speech.”

Correctly performing Islamic rituals and obeying Islamic rules is the Muslim path to Paradise, where they expect to enjoy sensual pleasures for all eternity.


BECOME ONE OF THE FEW WHO KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT ISLAM TO HAVE AN OPINION. Who are the true Muslims, the peaceful ones (95%), or the violent ones? What factors contribute most to Islam’s phenomenal growth? Can most Muslims read and understand their holiest book, the Qur’an? Why are Muslims persecuting Christians the world over? What is the real meaning of jihad?

True Muslims are the ones who abide by the dictates of their faith. Islam holds that Islamic law is the Law of Allah, which must never be overruled by the laws of man, and Allah commands adherents of Islam to fight. Forced conversions and high birth rates are the major factors in the growth of Islam. More than 80 percent of Muslims reside in areas where Arabic, the language of Islam, is not spoken: in Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Iran and Turkey; most don’t understand the Arabic words they recite every day as “prayers.” Islamists persecute Christians because Islam is anti-Christian at its very core; Islam explicitly denies Jesus is the Son of God and denies Jesus is divine. Islamists must fight until Islam supplants Christianity, which is by far the greatest threat to Islam (There are 2.2 billion Christians, and Christians send missionaries into Muslim lands; it is the sacred duty of Muslims to resist Christianity.) The real meaning of jihad is to fight until Islam reigns supreme over all people.

Much is said, little is known. Here you can learn more about Islam than many Muslims learn in a lifetime. Why? (1) Most Muslim parents are peaceful, and they shelter their children from Allah’s command to fight and conquer the world for Islam. (2) Most Islamic teachers are not Arabs. Their knowledge of Islam is limited to cultural norms and local traditions, so that’s all they can teach. (3) Few Muslims understand the language of Islam, Arabic, and are discouraged from studying the Qur’an or Islam in any language other than Arabic. Non-Muslims, on the other hand, are free to study Islam in their own language. Also, non-Muslims can interact with people of other faiths without fear of being attacked by their neighbors.

REVIEW OF STEPHEN’S BOOK, The Heart of Islam, Pride, Purpose, Loyalty: “It is difficult to ignore the factual information presented. This is not discriminatory or inflammatory. It challenges the visitor’s current understanding of Islam. In a time when “politically correct” trumps “truth and transparency,” Mr. Blanton is to be commended on his courageous stance in presenting the facts. We as a country will fall for anything if we don’t stand for something. Nice Wake-up call Mr. Blanton.” Dr. Mike S.