Rituals performed in unison so that deviations are easily noticed.
Rituals performed in unison in a mosque.
Public display of rituals performed in unison.
Rituals performed in unison on public streets.


More than 95% of Muslims live peacefully with their neighbors. They do not commit terrorist acts or wage jihad. Like most non-Muslims, they seek to live in peace and comfort and raise their children.


However, every Muslim must conform to the rules of Islam or risk being accused of blasphemy or apostasy, for which the penalty is death.  Rituals must be performed in unison so that deviations are easily noticed. All Muslims know how to perform required rituals, but few obey Allah’s command to fight until all are Muslim, are enslaved by Muslims or are dead (Qur’an 8:39; 9:5).  

Muslims perform required rituals during pilgrimage to Mecca. Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter the city.

Compare other great religions:

The 1.1 billion Hindus believe in Brahman, dharma, and karma. Hindus may perform impressive physical feats to demonstrate inner strength, harming no one. Hindu extremists are called Gurus.

The  500 thousand Buddhists promote harmony with others and with nature. Many practice insight meditation, perform social services and do charitable deeds for those in need.  Buddhist extremists are called Monks.

The 14 million Jews believe in obedience to the laws of Moses (the Torah), including God’s ten commandments. They worship in synagogues and focus on raising their families in peace. Jewish extremists are called Hasidics.

The 2.3 billion Christians follow the teachings of Jesus, do charitable deeds, and tell others about Jesus. Christian extremists are called Evangelists.

A small percentage of Muslims carry out Islam’s sacred duty to fight until Islam is the dominant religion (Qur’an 8:39; 9:5).  However, if just 3% of fighting age Muslim males choose to fight, then the army of Islam numbers 10,800,000 (1.8 billion x 1/2 male x 40% between ages 14 and 40 x .03). Muslim extremists fight to spread Islam; they are called Islamic terrorists.



 QUESTIONS (1) Who are the true Muslims, the peaceful ones or the violent ones? (2) What factors contribute most to Islam’s phenomenal growth? (3) Why are Muslims persecuting Christians the world over? (4) What is the real meaning of jihad, a struggle for inner purity or Islam’s fight for world domination? (5) Do most Muslims understand the language of Islam’s holiest book, the Qur’an? (6) How is it that nearly all Muslims are peaceful while at the same time millions of Muslims fight, murder and terrorize?

ANSWERS 1) True Muslims obey Allah’s command to fight. (2) High birth rates and forced conversions account for 96% of Islam’s growth. (3) Islam is anti-Christian at its core: Islamists must fight until Islam supplants Christianity. (4) Jihad means to fight until Islam prevails worldwide. (5) Fewer than 20% of Muslims understand the Qur’an. (6) Nearly all Muslims are peaceful because (a) parents shelter their children from Allah’s command to conquer the world for Islam.  (b) few Muslims understand the language of Islam, Arabic, and are discouraged from studying the Qur’an or Islam in any language other than Arabic. (c) most Islamic teachers are not Arabs, and therefore their knowledge of Islam is limited to cultural norms and local traditions. Millions of Muslims fight because they study Islam and the Qur’an and take to heart Allah’s command to fight until every person is a Muslim, enslaved by Muslims, or is dead.



More than 95% of Muslims are peaceful. They ignore Islam’s call for world domination. However, Islam demands conformity, so they must at least pretend to comply with its norms or risk execution. This prevents peaceful Muslims from criticizing Islamic terrorism.

Phenomenal growth

High birth rates account for 96 percent of Islam’s growth. Muslim men may keep four wives at a time. Their birth rate is 3.1 children per female of child-bearing age, compared to 1.7 for non-Muslim females.


Islamists learn from childhood that they are superior to non-Muslims morally, physically and intellectually Their sole purpose in life is to spread Islam by any means and for as long as it takes. Islamic police, professors, mayors, and judges are becoming commonplace.


Religious-looking rituals of prayer and pilgrimage conceal Islam’s tenet of world domination. Correctly performing Islamic rituals and obeying Islamic rules is the Muslim path to Paradise, where they expect to enjoy sensual pleasures for all eternity.

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